A Grieving Daughter

Poem About a Mother Hating a Child

This poem is to give every hurting little girl confirmation that no matter what you’ve been told or have been through your heavenly FATHER will always love you.

he told her daughter she hated her and wished she was never born.
She didn’t even seem to care that the child’s heart was torn.
She blamed child for all of her heartache and pain.
Did she realize emotional abuse can drive a child insane.
She said her child was the reason she never achieved her dreams.
Those words hurt her child more than to her they may have seemed.
All her daughter wanted was her love and her affection.
But all she ever got was her mother’s constant rejection,
Feeling like a lost child with no one to love.
She prayed to be taken away to the heavens above,
Not knowing why she just wasn’t good enough.
Why, when she needed gentleness, was she treated so rough.
Wondering why her existence caused her mother so much pain,
Longing for her mother’s love she probably would never gain.
Wanting her mother to tell her she was a blessing,
That she was not the reason for her mother’s stressing.
If there is a little girl out there that feels this way,
Just know you are one of GOD’s Angels, and he loves you more each day.


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