An Initiative For A Good Change

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An Initiative for a good change.


What is a woman? A human creature? A daughter, a wife, a mother? Defined by men or standing on her own what does she want? Sometimes I think I will never find the answer to this question.
As a young woman taking her first steps into womanhood, Women often find Them struggling in a world made up of conflicting messages about what a woman is, or what she should be. It is obvious to blame the media for this problem, but these notions are deeper than that. It is people around the world that continue to reinforce the misguided views about women, especially when it comes to their place in society.

Even in the 21st century, women are mostly presented with issues regarding health and family life. Why is it so difficult to detach women and family? Why is the woman so often being judged by her remarkable ability to…

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